Welcome to the Akwaaba App content guidelines. We believe in creating a positive and respectful community that helps users make informed decisions about local businesses and services. To ensure that our platform remains a safe and trustworthy space for all users, we have developed these content guidelines to help you understand what types of content are appropriate to share on our platform.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings should be honest, fair, and based on your personal experience with a business or service. Avoid using inflammatory or offensive language, and focus on providing helpful and informative feedback that can help other users make better decisions. Do not post reviews that violate the privacy rights of others, such as revealing personal information or private conversations.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos should be relevant to the business or service being reviewed and should not contain any offensive or inappropriate content. Do not post photos or videos that violate the privacy rights of others, such as revealing personal information or capturing private moments without consent.

Comments and Replies

Comments and replies should be respectful and constructive, even if you disagree with another user’s opinion. Do not engage in personal attacks or use offensive language. Comments and replies should focus on the topic at hand and should not promote unrelated businesses or services.

Prohibited Content

The following types of content are strictly prohibited on the Akwaaba App:

  • Content that is false or misleading

  • Content that promotes illegal activities

  • Content that is defamatory, threatening, or harassing

  • Content that is discriminatory or hateful

  • Content that contains viruses, malware, or other harmful software

  • Reporting Violations

If you come across content that violates our guidelines, please report it to us immediately by using the “Report” feature on the App. We take all reports seriously and will take appropriate action to remove any content that violates our guidelines.


We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and respectful community on the Akwaaba App. By following these guidelines, you can help us create a better platform for everyone.


By following these content guidelines, we aim to provide our users with a valuable and enjoyable experience on our app. If you have any questions or concerns about our content guidelines, please contact us at hello@akwaabaapp.co