Improving discoverability for local businesses

There are lot of awesome local business Akwaaba's curated system is going to introduce you to.

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Discover Hidden Gems

Akwaaba App helps users discover new places to visit, eat, drink, and explore. The app recommends places based on a user's location, past check-ins, and ratings from friends.

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Support often overlooked local business.

A lot of exciting local business are often overlooked. Akwaaba App specifically champion and uplift these enterprises, making it important for users to actively engage and support them on the app.

Personalized Experience

Based on your interest Akwaaba will help personalize your experience. 

Find local recommendations

Business are had allowance own perceived abilities. Unfeeling are had allowance own perceived abilities.

Connect and discover 

discover a community of travel enthusiasts and get real time reliable info about hidden gems and other exciting places to explore.

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Local businesses can easily approve reservations in a seamless manner.

Event Ticketing 

We have a fully integrated and customizable ticketing system for event for local businesses. 

Marketing support 

Akwaaba marketing team will constantly unveil highly effective marketing campaign for our local business you help improve discoverability and growth. 

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